Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

I love to bake. I love to cook most anything, but I especially love to bake. (Rather ironic, considering that most classic baked goods I can't have anymore since my diagnosis of celiac disease in 2007). There are so many great ideas on the internet, especially on Pinterest, for the most creative cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy, etc. I am so appreciative of all the wonderful bakers out there that so willingly share their talents on their blogs so all of us can make fabulous creations.

One such creation is this beautiful Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake shared by Something Shiny. I often try to make the cake that my family member wants for their birthday (sorry, Sarah--I know you didn't get one last year. Promise I'll do better this year!). About a week before my daughter Maggie's birthday I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, and she said chocolate cake with chocolate icing. A bit of a departure for her, since she is not a huge chocolate lover, but I began scouring my recipe files and the internet to see what I wanted to make. Then I came across the aforementioned beauty on Pinterest. With excitement, I shared it with Maggie because she has always loved cookie dough, and thankfully, she was sold.

As far as technique, I pretty much did everything the way it is described by Kelly on Something Shiny, with just a few changes. I baked three 8" layers; if I were doing it again I would do two 9" layers. I decided to only put cookie dough balls between the bottom two layers, with just icing between the top two. Instead of putting chocolate chip cookies around the top, I put balls of cookie dough; I liked that since it is a "cookie dough" cake. I used the chocolate chip cookie recipe recommended, but if I made it again I would use my cookie recipe found here because everyone said my cookies are better (which of course made me happy!).

The finished product was beautiful, definitely one that will be remembered. And I don't know first hand since I couldn't eat any, but everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. Definitely a keeper for the recipe file and Pinterest board.


  1. Yum! You're awesome!!!

  2. It looks fantastic - nicely done!! I love the cookie dough on the top-great idea. I'm so glad you tried it. :)