It's Been a Long Time.....and I Have Some Amazing Bread to Share!

I've been absent from this blog for many, many months for many, many reasons. The last year was like a whirlwind for me. Once 2012 arrived I have been determined to begin blogging again. I have a lot to share, but for now I want to share two fantastic recipes.

Recently, Bob and I were honored to be joined at dinner with our son's wife (Betsy), our granddaughter (Ada) and our daughter's husband (Myles). It was a precious time and we loved every minute of our time together. We had a pretty simple dinner, but I wanted to try something new so I made two loaves of homemade bread. I wanted to be able to eat some, so I made one loaf gluten-free using this recipe and another loaf that was not gluten-free using this recipe. Now I will be the first to say that making bread can feel very intimidating, and I don't have much experience with it. But the few times I have attempted it I have always had success, so I think it gets a bad rap. Both of these recipes are very simple and take very little time. I encourage you to give one or both a try!

I was very interested to see what the others enjoying dinner would say about the difference in the two breads. The loaves were both beautiful, as you can see here:

First, the regular, gluten filled loaf:

Yummy looking, huh? Makes me wish I could have a bite! It was a very traditional bread, good for spreading with butter or whatever your favorite topping is, or dipping in your favorite olive oil or dipping sauce. Now I bet a lot of you are thinking....who cares about the gluten-free loaf?

Well, don't dismiss it too quickly. Here is the gluten-free beauty:

And another:

I asked each person to give their honest opinion on both breads, and they all agreed that the gluten-free loaf was best! I don't think it means the regular loaf was bad (they all loved it!). But the gluten-free one was just better. It is a lovely, rustic bread that is full of flavor and is made from several different flours. Perfect to serve with dinner, or to have with breakfast or for a snack. It reheats beautifully in the microwave. Who could ask for more?