My husband and I recently hosted a dinner party for some of his work associates. I love flowers, so I wanted to get something beautiful for the occasion. I contemplated doing them myself, but decided instead to have a local florist handle them. I was thrilled, and thought you might enjoy seeing them. I am always looking for inspiration for things like this and appreciate other bloggers sharing beautiful images!

This is the arrangement that we had out by the pool, where we served before dinner drinks and appetizers.
We moved indoors for our formal dinner, and this is a peek at what the florist put together. Beautiful, huh? Hope it inspires you!


  1. Wow, your florist did an amazing job! I love the arrangements on the dining table.

  2. The flower arrangements are beautiful! It looks like you planned a fabulous dinner party.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me some great feedback. Have a great weekend!